Epic Weekends

 What is an Epic Weekend?

In 2001 one of our members returned from Ottawa where she had experienced a long weekend telling of the Greek Iliad. She urged us to try group epic telling. This has led to 14 years (so far!) of delight in stories from around the world. Multiple tellers each take a section of a long story. Listeners sink in deeply, entering another world. Between stories we eat and chat, strengthening friendships old and new.

The epics have become a highlight of the storytelling year. Vancouverites from Finland, India, Africa and beyond have expressed surprise at hearing their stories in a new language. They are pleased that their children can learn more about where they come from and that friends in Canada can get acquainted with their culture. Listeners and tellers explore a new kind of kinship with some of the cultures that make our city such a rewarding place to live in.

Nan Gregory, a teller a-whirl!

Nan Gregory, a teller a-whirl!

Here’s what we’ve done other years.

2001 – The 1001 Nights

2002 – Journey to the West, Adventures of the Chinese Monkey King

2003 – The Mabinogion (Wales)

2004 – Kalevala (Finland)

2005 – Stories of Powerful Women Worldwide

2006 – Boktu-kirish and Bora-sheelei (Tuva) and parts of The Tibetan Gesar

2007 – The Fiana Cycle  (Ireland)

2008 – Ramayana (South Asia)

2009 – Persian stories – excerpts from Shahnameh, Haft Paykar, Conference of the Birds

2010 – Sundiata (Mali)

2011 — Popol Vuh and Legend of Lord Eight Deer (Central America)

2012 — Norse Myth — Creation to Ragnarok

2013 — Tales from the Brothers Grimm

2014 — The Life of Rostam, from the Persian Shahnameh

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