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Storytelling Workshop with Naomi Steinberg

November 1 – 2, 10am – 4pm
Mount Pleasant Family Centre
2910 St. George Street, Vancouver, BC
Cost: $150. Confirmed course participants must send a cheque payable to the Vancouver Society of Storytelling to ensure placement on the registration list.

Have you ever wanted to take people on a magic carpet ride using nothing but breath and imagination?? Well here’s a chance to practice your skills! Workshop time will include attention given to container (body, breath, voice, mind…) and content (narrative arc, images, sensory details…). Participants will gain skills as both listener and teller, resulting in enhanced confidence, memory and public speaking skills.

– share different perspectives on storytelling
– get a sense of the many ways to structure a story
– explore storytelling techniques
– encourage ‘learning by heart’ (NOT memorizing)
– find a manageable sequence of events within our stories
– play with dynamics and modulation

This will be done through group and individual exercises, discussion, journaling and performance. No previous performance experience is necessary. It is highly recommended to come with a folk or fairytale to work with. If there are questions regarding sourcing material please message Naomi: naomi@goosefeather.ca

REGISTRATION: vancouverstorytelling@gmail.com

Naomi Steinberg is a skilled and innovative storyteller, facilitator, community engagement worker and site-specific installation artist. With over 13 years experience she brings depth, compassion and fun to every context. Her training includes movement, clowning and breath- work as well as several intensive Master Classes with world-renowned storytellers. Modeling presence, integrity and flexibility through circle work and deep listening participants are guided through a process of story collection, exploration, and performance.